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Message from the President

It is with much pride and excitement that I write to introduce our new team of Trustees and supporting Associate Trustees. As was widely publicised, we made the decision to implement a very detailed selection process to attract additional officers from a wide spectrum of society, each with a diverse set of skills and personalities. […]

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Open letter to the Education Committee

Dear Mr Halfon MP, The Education Committee report on home education came out on 28th July 2021 and recommends exactly what the committee chair told us it would at the very start of his inquiry.   There are a number of disturbing recommendations which range from a call to arms for compulsory registration through to […]

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Home Education Trends: The Covid Effect

Full report link Following on from publication of our preliminary report on trends in home education, this report examines continuing trends in parental choice to home educate their children and how Covid 19 arrangements have affected those choices. Home educating families tell us that narratives around home education have shown signs of increasing positivity during […]

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Magna Carta and common law

We are currently seeing a rapid rise in home educating families being lulled into listening to those who peddle what they refer to as ‘common law’ and ‘freeman’ rights. These groups are acting against the interests of every home educating family, as by peddling these untenable ideas they feed into public body fears about home […]

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Research on visibility and engagement of home educated children within their communities

At Education Otherwise we know that home educated children are highly visible and engaged within their communities. The following key findings from a dissertation submitted to the University of Derby in partial fulfilment of the requirements for a degree of Master of Arts in Education by Jennifer Alburey in January 2021, confirm this. These findings […]

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