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Get the Kit! – The Education Otherwise award for excellence

What is ‘Kit’

The ‘kit’ award is based on an education officer we call ‘Kit’, because we believe that every education officer who comes into contact with home educating parents should be like Kit. Kit could be any man or woman in the role, but what makes Kit stand out, is that home educating families tell us that the work Kit does is positive, legal and well informed.

We know that education staff want to do the best job that they can, to earn the respect both of their colleagues and the families that they work with, so that they can trust you to do what is right. We also know that where education officers are like Kit, they enjoy good relationships with home educating families in their area, which makes their task easier and more enjoyable.

Where the overall practice of the local authority meets the high standards of the Kit scheme, an award will be made to the home education department as a whole.

Awards are made to the chief officer of the local authority, for each officer, in order that they can recognise good practice in their staff.

Awards are based on nominations from home educating families who have direct experience of their own education officer’s work practice.

We are looking for nominations from all home educating parents

Local authorities who would like to take part in the Kit scheme are welcome to circulate our Kit questionnaire to the home educating families in their area, in order to ensure the widest possible feedback to support the Kit scheme.

The ‘Kit’ award recognises those officers who have achieved high standards in their role.
So Get the Kit!

Visit our survey monkey page here to start the process: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/H75RGZG