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The Schools Bill: Briefing paper

The Schools’ Bill has been introduced and had its first reading in the House of Lords. Home educating families and organisations that have an interest in the development of children are horrified by its content. Home educating families have been repeatedly assured that this Bill would go no further than mandatory registration of home educated […]

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‘Justification’ of mandatory registration: ‘Too many home educated children!

The decision to establish a register for home educated children was manifestly made prior to consultation and confirmed despite the majority of consultees objecting to the proposal. It is interesting to note that one of the principal reasons cited for a register is the belief that the number of home educated children is on the […]

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Education Otherwise calls for mandatory children’s services checks on all school children during holiday periods and weekends.

Of course that gets attention, because the idea quite rightly raises outrage. We are outraged and so should you be. Remember: ‘First they came for the home educators and you did not speak out because you were not a home educator. Then they came for you—and there was no one left to speak for you.’ […]

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Education Committee publishes Government response to its badly named report: ‘Strengthening Home Education’.

The Government has submitted its response to the Education Committee’s report ‘Strengthening Home Education’, which report in fact sought to undermine the primacy of the parent in choosing the education for the child. The Government’s response is in the main measured, however it makes clear that it intends to introduce registration under the pretext of […]

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Kit’ has arrived!

We are pleased to announce that we have presented our first ‘Kit’ awards to Local Authority Officers and Departments for excellence when working with and supporting families who have elected to home educate. This is an exciting development for many reasons, one of which is that almost 60% of all Authorities participated. Whilst there is […]

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Message from the President

It is with much pride and excitement that I write to introduce our new team of Trustees and supporting Associate Trustees. As was widely publicised, we made the decision to implement a very detailed selection process to attract additional officers from a wide spectrum of society, each with a diverse set of skills and personalities. […]

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