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Wales: why parents choose home education

Elective Home Education (EHE) is of equal legal status to school education, it is a reasonable and legal choice to make and it is not a safeguarding risk. Notwithstanding, the Education Minister Jeremy Miles, has made clear his view that the best place for every child is in school. Many parents do not agree with […]

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Education Otherwise response to Baroness Barran

Education Otherwise published a briefing paper on the Schools Bill which has been shared with MPs and peers. Baroness Barran has responded to that briefing paper to those individuals, but not to Education Otherwise. Education Otherwise is not discourteous and on that basis, has written directly to Baroness Barran to reply. Equally, we feel that […]

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Schools Bill For School Families

For parents of children in schools, the Schools Bill represents a frightening ‘power grab’ by the DfE. Even former education ministers in the House of Lords have raised concerns over that. Under the Bill: 1. All schools must become academies, ending the dual system under which church schools have always operated. 2. New academies can […]

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The Schools Bill: Briefing paper

The Schools’ Bill has been introduced and had its first reading in the House of Lords. Home educating families and organisations that have an interest in the development of children are horrified by its content. Home educating families have been repeatedly assured that this Bill would go no further than mandatory registration of home educated […]

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‘Justification’ of mandatory registration: ‘Too many home educated children!

The decision to establish a register for home educated children was manifestly made prior to consultation and confirmed despite the majority of consultees objecting to the proposal. It is interesting to note that one of the principal reasons cited for a register is the belief that the number of home educated children is on the […]

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Education Otherwise calls for mandatory children’s services checks on all school children during holiday periods and weekends.

Of course that gets attention, because the idea quite rightly raises outrage. We are outraged and so should you be. Remember: ‘First they came for the home educators and you did not speak out because you were not a home educator. Then they came for you—and there was no one left to speak for you.’ […]

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