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Careers Education for Home-Educated Students with SEND

Careers Education for Home-Educated Students with SEND The author of this article, Eloise Barnett, is a teacher and parent of an autistic/ADHD teenager who has been unable to attend school for three years, she is also the Director for SEND at ‘Spark Careers’. Parents and carers who have ‘chosen’ to educate their children at home, […]

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Thames sixth form for home educated young people

Thames sixth form for home educated young people   At Thames, we offer full support to those who come to us from home education, online learning or non-traditional settings. Changing schools or going to university can be daunting even when you’re familiar with a typical school environment, even more so when you’re not.    Among […]

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Home education is available to everyone

Freedom Hoskins Freedom Hoskins is an English Traveller who home educates her children. She is very passionate about home education believes that everyone who has a desire to home educate should be able to. Freedom believes that everyone should have access to the knowledge and resources which will give them the best chance of educating […]

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Survey reveals that school not COVID is a major cause of children’s mental health issues in 2021.

A very informative and useful report which confirms factors that Education Otherwise’ research identifies: We are only too aware that ‘school itself appears a major contributor to children’s poor mental health and that there is an urgent need to address this.’ This supports the need for Government and policy makers to actively support alternative forms […]

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