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Presenting home education legal precedents

  Home educating families often ask about ‘case law’, which is correctly referred to as ‘legal precedent’. Legal precedent is a doctrine which comes from the Latin maxim ‘stare decisis et non quieta movere’    which means: ‘stand by what has been decided and do not unsettle the established’     You probably do not […]

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So what about maths and English?

So what about maths and English? Home educating parents often say that there are no set subjects and they are right, but woe betide anyone who takes that literally! This requirement comes from precedent (you might know the term ‘case law’) and the lofty heights of the European Court of Human Rights, but nowhere on […]

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Patterns in life

  We very often get asked if home educated children can take GCSEs and of course they can, but what lies behind this question?   It is a socially constructed view of education as starting school at 4, doing SATs, building up to GCSEs and then hopefully using those GCSEs to obtain employment.   But […]

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Home Education: The Modern Folk Devil

The Need for Independent Research   Home education seems to be a subject which everyone has an opinion on or worse is an ‘expert’.   Take children centric non-governmental organisations or professional bodies: who take a stance on home education without real world insight into the practice of home education or engagement with home educators […]

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