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Home Education: The Modern Folk Devil

The Need for Independent Research   Home education seems to be a subject which everyone has an opinion on or worse is an ‘expert’.   Take children centric non-governmental organisations or professional bodies: who take a stance on home education without real world insight into the practice of home education or engagement with home educators […]

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Painting with Kate

  Hi, I am Kate and I am an Artist, and I have had many years practice and experience with drawing and painting. I am also training to become a psychologist. Life is pretty busy these days, the same for many of us, so I want to share some of what I do with you […]

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The Curriculum Thing

“Do I have to follow the curriculum?”   It’s a common question, especially amongst parents new to the idea of home education. The simple answer is no, there is no legal requirement to follow any curriculum. The question itself though, shows that there is generally a very simplistic view of what curriculum is and who […]

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