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Get to know your ‘School’ Health Service

School nurses are not just for schools and Education Otherwise has been working with two superb school nurses to ensure that home educating families can learn about the service and how it operates.

Jenni and Lily work in Warwickshire, but all school, nursing services should offer the same services and the same level of data protection and acceptance of home education.

You can hear from Jenni and Lily below:

Our names are Jenni and Lily and we are part of Warwickshire School Health and Wellbeing Service. We work with children and young people, no matter how they are educated. If you are aged between 5 and 19, or up to 25 and with SEND, we are here for you.

We’re here to provide the advice and support that you need on topics such as: continence, emotional health, sleep, SEND, disordered eating, self-harm and behavioural difficulties. We work with children, young people, parent/carers and other agencies to ensure that every child receives the support that they need as an individual.

When you talk to us, anything you say is confidential. You can use our services knowing that we would only ever share your information with other agencies if there was a risk of harm to a child. Even when this happens, we most usually let parents/carers know who we plan to share the information with and the reasons why we are sharing that information. We hold your information securely, on electronic patient systems that only we have access to.

We want to ensure that everybody who would benefit from our services is able to find us and know that we are here for them, that includes home-educated children, young people and families.

Watch the video: