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Home Education Support and Engagement Report

At the heart of any successful support for our children’s future wellbeing are consistent good relationships, not only for our children, but also when dealing with third parties who have a legitimate interest in their welfare. ‘Regulation impacts on child wellbeing and…home educators take different motivational postures based on a range of factors, of which […]

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Education Committee publishes Government response to its badly named report: ‘Strengthening Home Education’.

The Government has submitted its response to the Education Committee’s report ‘Strengthening Home Education’, which report in fact sought to undermine the primacy of the parent in choosing the education for the child. The Government’s response is in the main measured, however it makes clear that it intends to introduce registration under the pretext of […]

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Kit’ has arrived!

We are pleased to announce that we have presented our first ‘Kit’ awards to Local Authority Officers and Departments for excellence when working with and supporting families who have elected to home educate. This is an exciting development for many reasons, one of which is that almost 60% of all Authorities participated. Whilst there is […]

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