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‘Justification’ of mandatory registration: ‘Too many home educated children!

The decision to establish a register for home educated children was manifestly made prior to consultation and confirmed despite the majority of consultees objecting to the proposal. It is interesting to note that one of the principal reasons cited for a register is the belief that the number of home educated children is on the […]

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Home-School Learning Resources by Christinea Donnelly

‘Home-School Learning Resources’ is the book that most parents who home educated up until recent years wished that they had access to. Richly filled with information about hundreds of resources that are available to home educating families, it certainly fills a niche. The question that arises however, is ‘why would a parent want this book?’ […]

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Home Education Trends: Post Lockdown

Following publication of our report ‘Home Education: The Covid Effect’, on trends in home education, this report examines continuing trends in parental choice to home educate their children and how Covid 19 arrangements have continued to affect those choices. There is increasing positive narrative around home education with current indications suggesting a shift away from […]

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Survey reveals that school not COVID is a major cause of children’s mental health issues in 2021.

A very informative and useful report which confirms factors that Education Otherwise’ research identifies: We are only too aware that ‘school itself appears a major contributor to children’s poor mental health and that there is an urgent need to address this.’ This supports the need for Government and policy makers to actively support alternative forms […]

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Education Otherwise calls for mandatory children’s services checks on all school children during holiday periods and weekends.

Of course that gets attention, because the idea quite rightly raises outrage. We are outraged and so should you be. Remember: ‘First they came for the home educators and you did not speak out because you were not a home educator. Then they came for you—and there was no one left to speak for you.’ […]

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