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The Cool is Best Method by Julian Langinger

‘The Cool is Best Method’ is a self help book for families, parents and teachers which aims to improve relationships by providing tools to those struggling to manage their emotions. The book uses the ‘six skills of emotional intelligence’, a recognised psychological approach for improving mental and emotional health. For some families, this will hit the right spot and prove useful.

‘The Cool is Best Method’ benefits from its interactive sections, which can be used by young people and adults alike, in order to reorganise how they respond to the vagaries of modern life and its myriad stressful situations. It will certainly appeal to the more introspective young person who feels that they are not heard and wants to practice active listening.

Currently, the UK is facing a mental health crisis amongst its young people and, in addition, research by the charity Standalone suggests that one in five UK families will be affected by estrangement. Different approaches will work for different people and waiting lists for Childrens and Adolescent Mental Health Services are long. ‘The Cool is Best Method’ could provide a helpful additional tool in the support box for families.

‘The Cool is Best Method’ is available from Amazon. Launch prices are 0.99 for the e-book and 9.99 for the paperback.