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Home Education: socialisation and groups

2020 and the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic have forced the world to focus on a core element of being human- the need for human contact. We are social creatures. At no other point in our recent history have scientists had such a global and dramatic ability to study the many complex issues surrounding the […]

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The Big Ask: HE children talk

Education Otherwise would like to announce that home educated young people are AWESOME.   No news there you might think, but these young people just demonstrate that so well, that we feel it needs repeating.   The Children’s Commissioner for England provided Education Otherwise with a welcome opportunity to arrange for a group of 7 […]

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Education that’s a hoot!

For some, it can be hard breaking free of the thought learning = school. We often get asked about doing ‘The Curriculum’ or which subjects people need to study. In truth, education does not need to be structured in these ways, learning opportunities surround us so take advantage of the flexibility of home education because […]

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DfE announces support

Education Otherwise is pleased to share the very welcome news that the DfE has announced financial support for private candidates taking examinations this year.   “A grant will be available to support approved exam centres to meet costs associated with the additional demands of assessment for private candidates this year. This is to avoid those […]

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Home education and children’s social services (Part 1)

    Let’s start with the most crucial question;   ‘When should social workers assess and become involved with home educated children?’   An easy question to answer in practise, as they should become involved only if the circumstances are such that they would become involved with any child. Despite this, we lose track of […]

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Art for relaxation

 Art and relaxation Tips and ideas to relax, using art This week is about art and relaxation. I don’t know about you but I think that some relaxation is needed right now! So, here are some ideas for you to give a go, depending on your preference. To be honest all forms of art are […]

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