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Home-School Learning Resources by Christinea Donnelly

‘Home-School Learning Resources’ is the book that most parents who home
educated up until recent years wished that they had access to. Richly filled with
information about hundreds of resources that are available to home educating
families, it certainly fills a niche.

The question that arises however, is ‘why would a parent want this book?’ after all, the information it contains is mostly readily available via the internet and Education
Otherwise publishes a thorough and accessible resource section for our site users. The answer is straight forward: not everyone has internet access and not everyone who does have access wants to spend time researching online to find the information. In short, ‘Home-School Learning Resources’ is there when you need it and does that legwork for you. At Education Otherwise we have taken the legwork out of locating and searching for resources, but again, not everybody wants to do this online and we believe that this work will be a useful addition to the home educator’s bookshelf.

What we really like is that the index references pages by topic as do the chapters, making the work quick and simple to use.

The big drawback in ‘Home-School Learning Resources’ is that if the home educator is not completely wedded to the internet for their provision, this book may not be for them; all of the referenced resources are online resources, with no attention paid to real World resources. Perhaps this is the author’s next book?

All in all we believe that this will appeal to many home educating families, but it will not be for everyone.