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A New Green Day by Antoinette Portis

‘A New Green Day’ from Scallywag press is as well presented as you would expect from this publisher, but met with mixed reception from our young testers.

The format is a riddle on each page followed by the answer to the riddle over the page, in illustrative form. The riddles were less appealing to our very young readers than to our slightly older ones and overall, we found the book appealed mostly to 7 to 9 year olds who are less confident readers, but able to analyse the content readily.

The illustrations are pleasing but less crisp than normally expected in children’s books for this age range. However, the book has overtones of environmental awareness and the green theme throughout is in keeping with this.

Our adult reviewer is a puzzle and riddle lover, so particularly appreciated the riddle format, whilst recommending it to be read together initially in order to give the child a start at getting into the mindset of the author.