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A Gallery of Cats by Ruth Brown

We had to prise this (gently) out of the hands of one cat mad young reviewer who did not want to part with it. What a fabulous concept, with the mixing of artists, works of art and adorable cats.

‘A Gallery of Cats’ will appeal to children who love cats, but equally so to those who enjoy trickery within illustrations, as the cats come to life from the paintings. The book also gives a starting point for a home educated child to learn about a range of artists through investigating the names of the cats and their connections to the world of art. Scallywag books always tick our boxes for their illustrations, but this one is our favourite.

Our testers ranged from a two year old, who loved spotting the cats ‘hidden’ in the paintings, to a 12 year old who felt that he was too old for the book, but loved it nonetheless. Overall, we would assess ‘A Gallery of Cats’ as suitable for the 7-10 year old reader with a clear thumbs up from all of our reviewers.

Now where was that number for he kitten breeder?