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The God Jar by Phill Featherstone

It is often difficult to locate good quality reading material for teens and young adults, but ‘The God Jar’ ticks that box with skill. We particular like the fact that the work lacks the patronising tones so often found in books of this genre. One other aspect we like is that where historical terminology is used, it is used accurately; to use ‘dross’ correctly gives a young reader insight into the etymology of words in common usage, an educational bonus!

‘The God Jar’ skilfully mixes historical accuracy, insight into human behaviour, spies, mystery, adventure and a healthy dose of derring-do, to arrive at a story which captures the reader from the start, taking them on an adventure which leaves them wanting more.

Criticisms: of course, one can always find them, but save for two minor grammatical faux pas in 366 pages, picked up by our pedantic reviewer, we failed this time.

Any young person who enjoys mystery and adventure will surely enjoy reading ‘The God Jar’ and we look forward to reviewing other works by this author.