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Kit’ has arrived!

We are pleased to announce that we have presented our first ‘Kit’ awards to Local Authority Officers and Departments for excellence when working with and supporting families who have elected to home educate.

This is an exciting development for many reasons, one of which is that almost 60% of all Authorities participated. Whilst there is still much to do, this indicates that there is a real willingness to connect with home educating families.

Home educators have also played their part with hundreds supporting this quality mark award by sharing their many experiences. Yes, the awards directly reflect the collective experiences of home educating families. Thank you.

We would like to emphasise that all effort has been made to ensure anonymity of the home educating families and equally, some responses have been followed up for clarification and fairness. To do otherwise would devalue the award.

Given that this is the first year running the award we are pleased to have awarded 55 gold, 27 silver and 12 bronze certificates to individual officers and in a few cases to the entire department.

We look forward to increased participation in the Spring 2022 round of the Kit award for excellence.

Well done!