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We Planted a Pumpkin by Bob Ramsden

‘We Planted a Pumpkin’ is a story about discovery and excitement: two small children excitedly plant a seed and with typical childlike lack of patience wait expectantly for it to grow in time for Hallowe’en. Along the way they discover how important insects, sunshine and water are for the plant. A book for early readers which provides a science lesson without the child even noticing that it is doing so.

We love the illustrations, particularly the simplicity of the colours used and small details such as bugs and butterflies. This book certainly has eye appeal for early readers. In addition, the build up of excitement about the pumpkin is highly likely to remind mums and dads of their own child’s excitement over things barely able to be waited for, giving it appeal for parents.

Our only criticism about ‘We Planted a Pumpkin’ is that in our environmentally friendly approach which is shared by most home educators, we do rather wish that steaming bowls of soup had been enjoyed at the end!