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The Big Ask: HE children talk

Education Otherwise would like to announce that home educated young people are AWESOME.


No news there you might think, but these young people just demonstrate that so well, that we feel it needs repeating.


The Children’s Commissioner for England provided Education Otherwise with a welcome opportunity to arrange for a group of 7 home educated young people, to take part in a focus group on Thursday 15th April 2021. This was to discuss their lives, Covid 19 and what they would like the Children’s Commissioner to do for children. The staff involved certainly got to hear the young people’s views and to witness first hand how fantastic our young people are.


The content of the meeting cannot be shared, but we can say that the commissioner’s staff were visibly impressed with how articulate, talented, capable and wise the young people from age 11 years to 16 years are. They spoke about some of their achievements and each of them has every reason to be proud of themselves. The young people certainly challenged the Commissioner to do better. The lead staff member suggested that one of the young people could be his boss one day, or maybe even Prime Minister and we are not entirely sure how tongue in cheek that was!


The Children’s Commissioner ‘Big Ask’ survey goes live on Monday 19th April 2021, and we would encourage all children to take part and have their voices heard.


The survey can be found here.


Education Otherwise would like to thank the Children’s Commissioner’s officers for this opportunity and we hope that it signals a sea change toward a positive and mutually supportive future relationship.