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Make your own Christmas cards

Christmas card ideas!


Here are a few ideas for you to make christmas cards this year. I have used a fair bit of glitter, I think we need brightening up this year, wouldn’t you agree? So with this is mind, why not make some lovely hand made cards for friends and family to give that extra bit of cheer we all need in these strange times?



So,for starters, why not paint a fun tree?

I suggest making it simple, and try thinking about the impression a picture gives rather than it being ‘perfect’.

I have found over the years that children and adults alike are scared to put pen to paper in case they ‘make a mistake’- I say make as many as you need, but also, I learnt to make features out of supposed mistakes.

Step 1.

Paint a vertical line and then use swift, deft strokes from the centre out- be bold (note that this does not look perfect-that may be because I was taking a photo while painting- but the point is that I made the overall tree look perfectly fine as I added further lines)

Step 2.

Add as many lines as you need and then paint some glue on/use pritstick and add some glitter if desired

Step 3.

Add more glitter (or use paint as in the Step 4 example if preferred, or as well as) Draw a shape of a pot and paint glue/use pritstick and add glitter if desired

Step 4.

This tree is a little different as I have spattered some dots on here to look like baubles. Some glitter may have crept in there too.

Next up, a wreath:

Step 1

Draw around a cup or something to hand that is circular. Start by drawing holly and leaves ( why not head outside and find some holly)

Step 2

Practice drawing the holly (mine didn’t have any berries but I added them anyway!)

Step 3

Colour in the holly and leaves with paint, pencils etc

Step 4

Add glitter once the colouring in is finished

Other ideas to try :


Put glue carefully within the stencil, add glitter:

Snowman and a christmas pudding:

I have drawn some of these and cut them out, once they are dry they can be glued to card.

I hope you have fun making cards this year!