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Examinations update


Great news for those wishing to sit IGCSE’s this summer.

UPDATE: IGCSEs will go ahead this summer.

Pearson provisional timetable here.

Cambridge International provisional timetable here.

We will continue to seek more options with decision makers.


As one of our resource providers reminds us: ‘24 hours is a long time in politics’ and that certainly applies with examination arrangements. They are at the mercy of Government decisions, OFQUAL and the basic ability of examination centres to hold exams should any examinations go ahead.


We are working with OFQUAL to try to find a way forward for private candidates, including home educated young people and expect to be meeting with them shortly for further discussion. There should be arrangements for private candidates to progress fairly, but to date none have been made, save for using a private service for tutor assessment and examination. This is unaffordable to many and Education Otherwise will not stint in making that clear in our meetings with decision makers.


Gavin Williamson MP, Secretary of State for Education, announced recently that examinations would not go ahead, but results would be by teacher assessment. This of course excludes most private candidates and this is a point we are making very clearly.


For many private candidates, IGCSEs are the examinations of choice and these are not regulated by OFQUAL. Pearson (Edexcel IGCSE) has confirmed that their International GCSE examinations are going ahead during January 2021, but have yet to make an announcement for the summer series.

For more information on Pearson exams go here.


Cambridge International board appears to be going ahead with IGCSE, but things may change following further announcements.

The latest update from Cambridge International can be found here.


We will update you as and when further information becomes available. See top of the post.