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Education Committee publishes Government response to its badly named report: ‘Strengthening Home Education’.

The Government has submitted its response to the Education Committee’s report ‘Strengthening Home Education’, which report in fact sought to undermine the primacy of the parent in choosing the education for the child.

The Government’s response is in the main measured, however it makes clear that it intends to introduce registration under the pretext of this being required for safeguarding purposes. It is not.

On a positive front, the Government states:

‘We have no plans to stipulate specifically how a local authority assesses the suitability of home education, as ‘suitable’ education assessment needs to consider a range of relevant factors depending on the circumstances of each child.’

Education Otherwise welcomes this above confirmation from the Government.

Education Otherwise is extremely disappointed that the Government continues its conflation of safeguarding with home education, using it as a ruse for registration.