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Membership Terms and Conditions

1. Membership of Education Otherwise cannot be transferred to anyone else. 2. It is the duty of each member of Education Otherwise to exercise his or her powers as a member, in the way which he or she decides in good faith would be most likely to further the purposes of Education Otherwise. 3. a) Your subscription will automatically renew annually unless you opt out from doing so. You can cancel your subscription at any time but please be aware that we cannot refund part of your subscription if you cancel during a subscription period. b) Membership of Education Otherwise comes to an end if: i) the member dies, or, in the case of an organisation (or the representative of an organisation) that organisation ceases to exist; or ii) the member sends a notice of resignation to the charity trustees; or iii) any sum of money owed by the member to Education Otherwise is not paid in full within six months of its falling due; or iv) the charity trustees decide that it is in the best interests of the charity that the member in question should be removed from membership, and pass a resolution to that effect. c) Before the charity trustees take any decision to remove someone from membership of Education Otherwise they must: i) inform the member of the reasons why it is proposed to remove him, her or it from membership; ii) give the member at least 21 clear days’ notice in which to make representations to the charity trustees as to why he, she or it should not be removed from membership; iii) at a duly constituted meeting of the charity trustees, consider whether or not the member should be removed from membership; iv) consider at that meeting any representations which the member makes as to why the member should not be removed; and v) allow the member, or the member’s representative, to make those representations in person at that meeting, if the member so chooses.  

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