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PACE is based in Wrington, North Somerset, 20 mins south of Bristol. We are a group of home-educators who have come together to support our children’s academic and emotional development. Our aim is to offer a range of options supporting families who are pursuing alternatives to school-based education. As of September 2017, we offer two days: PACEMondays: Mondays, from 10am – 4pm. A facilitated space for children age 6-16 who are ready to explore independence away from parents,guardians. The day consists of a mix of optional educational activities, free-play and discovery, held together by our competent facilitation team in a loose, but consistent structure that includes morning circle, shared snacks and reflection time. PACEThursdays: Thursdays, from 10am – 4pm. A family day, organised and hosted by members. Under the supervision of their parents/carers children can explore a range of optional educational activities currently, free-play and self-directed discovery. The day holds to the same loose but consistent structure as Monday, including optional organised activities such as Science class, computer programming, study groups, morning circle, individual music lessons, shared snacks, and reflection time.
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