Education is compulsory - school is optional


A young boy tackling a climbing wallEducation Otherwise (EO) was formed by a small group of parents in 1977 and has evolved into a large self-help organisation which offers support and information to members.

We take our name from the Education Act, which states that parents are responsible for their children's education, "either by regular attendance at school or otherwise."

EO has in the past contributed to government consultations to preserve the right of families to home educate and has assisted local groups who are working with individual LAs to promote better working practices. Our extensive network of members includes those families, groups and individuals who are practising home education as an alternative to school, those who are considering the possibility of home education, and those who support the principle of home education. This work has been carried out by a nation-wide team of dedicated, experienced members who volunteer their services free to support other members and promote home education, and who continue with this work to date.

EO has never promoted any 'one right way'; our aim has always been to help parents choose the most appropriate form of education for each individual child, the decision being founded on informed choice and full consideration for the wishes and feelings of the child. Since, however, too few people are even aware of their right to home educate, EO has worked to raise public awareness of the fact that, in the UK it is not school, but education, that is compulsory.